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Telegram Bot Collection

Just some of the companies using our telegram bot to protect over 50 million people daily:

Bots for use in Telegram Supergroups

For Telegram SuperGroups. Each is quite self-descriptive. In general, all each bot does is remove a specific type of message.

@RemoveETHAddressBot* - I remove all ETH addresses, so spammers can't post theirs. I only allow ETH addresses posted by admin.

@RemoveBTCAddressBot* - I remove all BTC addresses, so spammers can't post theirs. I only allow BTC addresses posted by admin

@RemoveSlashCommandsBot - I remove all commands beginning with a slash (/) except those posted by admin.

@NoUsernameWarnBot - I warn users and admins when a potential sleeper account or scammer joins (one with no username).

@WelcomeUsernameBot - I welcome users to your group, tagging their username after 20 seconds (if they have one) so they get a notification and come back!

@RemoveURLsBot* - I remove all URLs except those posted by admin.

@RemoveJoinMsgBot - I remove "_______ joined the group" type messages.

@RemoveHiBot - I remove all 'hi' and 'hello' comments that you get during an airdrop.

* Super effective at preventing scammers in your group.

How to install a bot

To have them help manage your supergroup:

1. Invite the bot to be an admin

2. Give it the privledge of deleting messages

3. You're done! Get a user that is not admin to give it a test!

That is all. Please contact me at via the form below if you would like any other bots created, or if you find any bugs.

Custom Bot Idea?

Perhaps you'd like a:

1. Whitelabelled bot to do any or all of the tasks above, combined!

2. Bot to run an airdrop.

3. Custom bot to post your tweets in your telegram group!

4. Any other crazy ideas you may have!

Well just fill in the form below!

Want more bots? Custom named? Special Features? Contact me

Well there you have it!


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